Music and rhythm find their way to my soul - DJ RHEA

DJ is a part of our life and with that DJ RHEA will come automatically into our minds, Who is DJ Rhea? IF you are a Party lover maybe you attended and recognize her as You’ll find her mixing and blending music behind the decks with a full sound all over the floor. Standing in one corner of the club, she can make you go mad over the music she plays and the interaction she forms with the crowd. She is a multitalented woman, who is ready to steal your heart with her beauty and musical sense and a wide smile I am sure if you attended her show you must be noticed. Scroll down to know everything about this new sensation. and the latter recognizes her. 

“Music and rhythm find their way to my soul”

The Beginning

Born and brought up in Mumbai on 1st March 1993 she shares her birthdayRhea Patel (popularly known as DJ Rhea) is a famous DJ and Indian model and sensational. In an exclusive interview, she said: “the most important point about being a DJ is that you have to love music” and that explains her in one sentence. She loves music and she entertains others by using her extraordinary skills of blending Bollywood songs,  Hindi songs, Punjabi songs with everybody. Her Mashups and EDM are gaining popularity day by day among us. She is not only one of the good DJs of India but she is also the hottest DJ in India and no one gives competition to her in both ways.

Life Journey

In an interview, DJ Rhea said that even she was not aware of how her life would take this amazing as she didn't plan as per like this. However, she accepted that becoming a DJ was one of the most hardworking tasks where we have to show our creativity as well as technicals too. DJ Rhea took a break for a year in her life. This was the time when she realized that she could do something productive with her hidden talent which is her song and music mixing creativity. She said it was the time when she found her real self and her purpose in life and realize it. This break was a kind of self-discovery for her. She quit her job and entered the world of music to follow her passion which gives us the motivation to follow our own dreams.

She believes that everyone should take a break in their life to analyze what you want from life. It is the best way to discover yourself and your passion as I told you. Even if it is too late to change career, one can always give it a try and who knows things could workout. 

But don’t take a very long break. (Just a suggestion)

Life as a DJ

While she is still waiting for the turning point of her life, DJ Rhea believes that the most important thing about being a DJ is to love music and her passion. 

Working as a DJ is not easy. Behind the decks, they have to select the track and find the test of your crowd, which the crowd would love to dance on. DJ Rhea is a pro in understanding what the crowd wants, which comes with experience and engagements with your public. and she is a dog lover too.

Plans About Bollywood

On being asked about her plans for Bollywood, DJ Rhea said she is currently focusing on music and her life. Her career has just started and she wants to concentrate on music and as a music lover, music is always her first priority. But this gorgeous beauty also told that if she gets a chance to work in Bollywood, she would definitely give it a try and take the chance.

We believe and hope this talented beauty will soon enter Bollywood.

Beauty with Talents

If you see all her Instagram account, you’ll realize that DJ Rhea always smiles and shine. According to her, that is the secret to her beauty which everyone should follow. She has a perfect glow on her face and that is not only because she takes care of herself, but also because she is happy with her life which reflects in and out the same. When your passion becomes your profession, you will start glowing on your own. Just remember to stay happy in your life and make others happy too. 

We at SocialTalk would like to wish DJ Rhea all the luck and success for her future endeavors and plans. 

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