Interview with Internationally Certified Beauty Consultant: Sameena Chunawala

The art of applying make-up goes back at least 6000 years from today. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would employ specially trained servants to apply cosmetics in order to make them appear more like the gods and beautiful and different from others. Recent decades have seen an increase in the demand for skilled make-up artists to work with actors/actresses, politicians, theatre productions, and for television and movies even though with common people too, now everyone is using it as a part of the daily job. and which gives you confidence. As part of this art, the make-up artist works to transform the person into the character.

The entertainment and fashion industry currently employs the largest margin of make-up artists today. Make-up artists created a flood of tutorials over social media platforms. that implies that we are very much fond of good looking and all credit goes to our creative makeup artists. similar one our Sonali Shama(chief editor) from Social Talk, Interview Sameena Chunawala, She is very talented and does makeup in an artistic way. She owns a salon Rishesse Salon Spa Academy where she trains students for Makeup, hair styling, and other services such as hair designing and beauty therapies.

Interviewer: Hello Sameena, please tell me about yourself? and your journey.

Sameena: I am an internationally certified beauty consultant trained from Makeup atelier Paris. city and guilds for hair, Clara international Malaysia for skin and body management with an experience of 14yrs. My USP is to design looks and treatment according to the client’s hair skin and requirements. Using the best of brands and techniques.

Interviewer: What Is Your Brand Philosophy?

Sameena: Rishesse means richness and's a high-end salon. I have a passion for unique styling. I do not alienate my clients. I want to inspire them not put them off. My brand has an "all-welcome" ethos.

Interviewer: What Are 3 Most Popular Makeup Products you use?

Sameena: Mac Strobe cream, Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye shadow pallets and Becca cosmetics contour & Highlighter pallete

Interviewer: What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a Makeup Artist?

Sameena: The most important quality of a makeup artist is to have the ability to understand the personality and profile of your client. And design a look that is creative but the client is confident enough to flaunt it gracefully. Also, time management is essential, and hygiene is very important. All artists have their favorite canvas and for a makeup artist, the canvas just happens to be his / her client's face. Patience, tact, flexibility, and interpersonal skills are vital traits of a good makeup artist.   

Interviewer: How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

Sameena: Being consistent in branding online and offline is vital for building trust in my customers. Secondly, I try not to go, just because it's trendy... I believe in acquiring knowledge and imbibing expertise in the industry and also across the globe

Interviewer: How Would You Describe Your Signature Look?

Sameena: My signature look is well blended with vibrant colors. whether it is high cheekbones, my work corrects imperfection, highlights positive attributes, and remedies issues.

Interviewer: What is your favorite celebrity makeup look and why?

Sameena: My favorite celebrity makeup look is Deepika Padukone’s make up. As I feel her make-up to mark most of the time, according to her character, it's creative but classic it compliments her personality and its very neat well blended.

Interviewer: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?

Sameena: The best collaboration I have done is with nashi argan and crazy color

Interviewer: How Has the Industry Changed Since You Began?

Sameena: I started my career 14 years back. And since then the industry has changed a lot. clients are aware of the technical services. And quality conscious Also the products are much better, pH balanced more effective and well researched.

Interviewer: How do you communicate with people or fans?

Sameena: I think communication is very important in my work. And I like to communicate more on call in detail. I feel Instagram and what's app can be a source of reply for appreciation for work or feedback 

Interviewer: What Inspires You?

Sameena: My inspiration is always related to the beauty industry. I get inspired by the dedication and genuine in-depth knowledge of a few international stylists and artists I have met. The effort and time which they take to master their skills.

Interviewer: What are the Tips you will give, For Aspiring Make-Up Artists?

Sameena: The most important tip I would like to give an aspiring makeup artist is to train from experienced trainers and a good academy. Also, one should avoid doing short/crash courses. Using good products is also very essential.

Interviewer: What is your upcoming project?

Sameena: I will be having a complete grooming academy with Communication skills, Makeup and Image consultancy

Interviewer: Beauty Instagram Profiles Have Become A Major Influence to The Beauty Industry, But You Keep Yours Quite Personal, How Important Social Platforms Are for You?

Sameena: Social media is important but I like to keep it very professional and classy I think posts should be only work-related and more information for the benefit of clients. Personal life should be avoided.

Interviewer: What strategic advice do you have for up and coming Instagram influencers?

Sameena: The advice I would give Instagram influencers that the work they post should be outstanding and there should be a creative post at least twice a week and managed very professionally

Interviewer: Where Our Readers Can Find You and Keep in Touch with You? 

Sameena: Your readers can connect with me on Instagram and Facebook

Instagram Id-

Facebook- Sameena Chunawala

Address: Rishesse salon spa academy  patel mansion No 1, shop no 2-4, Ground floor, cadell road, mahim, (w). Mumbai-400016

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