Interview With Fashion & Lifestyle Creator Sana Grover

Interview With Fashion & Lifestyle Creator Sana Grover

One of the best ways to grow in influence and social media stability is having a great network of people where you can share your niche and can collaborate with you and brands too in mutually beneficial ways, through social media. "Networking, community building, and content creation are in my opinion the three essential pillars of brand building that will make yourself to stable in this industry, follow the footmark and think logically, make trust and sound knowledgeable."

With this approach, he was able to gain fame and even put his family on the right path financially could help and your sharpen your skill. In fact, Likewise, Lutchman has come a long way from his time working at a car dealership and a restaurant to becoming financially-free. He is now one of the most popular and followed conservative African Americans in the conservative the political scene with his own idea certainty and effort, make yourself who belongs to this world, and improve your skill.

"What gives us the greatest sense of accomplishment outside of the political aspect is knowing that all the hard and consistent work we have done for the past years paid off easily if we continuously work on it. We don’t have to think about how much far we can go, first, we have to start and maybe one day we would build such an enormous brand and community.

For those who are looking to become an influencer and thought leader in their own industry or their own profile niche. Sonali Sharma(Editor) from SocialTalk has interview young talent, Sana Grover, let's find out her journey.

Interviewer: Hello Sana, Please Tell us about yourself and your journey?

Sana: I had always been interested in videography. I remember in school I would make short videos, burn them into CDs and watch those on the TV, pretending like I'm an anchor. In retrospect, I think that's where my love for this beautiful craft developed. Once school was over, I put up my very first YouTube video. I remember back in the day all my school friends shared the video, my teachers watched it, and I felt super awkward, but those are the same people that helped me grow the channel. So if I have to tell you a little about myself, it's going to be that I absolutely love my family and friends, I love filming videos, sometimes I feel like I was born with a camera in my hand, and I enjoy editing more than I enjoy eating Sushi!

Interviewer: Why Do you want to work as a Content Creator?

Interview With Fashion & Lifestyle Creator Sana Grover

Sana: I think being a content creator gives me the freedom to express my thoughts artistically and impact my audience in a pleasantly creative manner. Sometimes people recognize me in public places and say hi. We have a conversation and they tell me how the videos have changed their life for the better. I think that's my motivation to keep working in this industry.

Interviewer: How do you communicate with people or fans?

Sana: To begin with, I try to have a casual conversational approach in every video so that the viewers feel connected. After all, we are one big family. I try my best to answer as many direct messages as I can, in order to have one-on-one conversations. Many-a-times people ask doubts related to skincare, makeup, fashion, and even share their photos when they apply the styling tips I give. I love having conversations with them. Twice a month I also go live on Instagram and take viewers to live with me so I can express my gratitude and we can have better conversations.

Interviewer: Tell us about your achievements, if any.

Sana: I think impacting the audience in a positive manner is my biggest achievement. So many women come up and tell me that they used to feel bad about PCOD but after I shared my story on YouTube, it gave them the strength to accept and treat it. I guess you could say happiness lies in the small stuff and content creation gives me the ability to touch people's lives and make it better. That's the biggest achievement, undoubtedly.

Interviewer: What are your goals as a Content Creator? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Sana: With every video, my goal is to do better. To add more value to the viewer and surpass my own expectations. Progress, to me, would mean making content which is so rich in knowledge, yet fun, and put together unconventionally. It would mean to express my thoughts in the best possible manner. I also want to grow and diversify into more avenues such as mental health, work towards reducing social evils and taboos, and provide much more meaningful content and give back to society.

Interviewer: Impact of social media in your life as a Content Creator?

Sana: I think whatever I am is because of social media. Had we not had this platform, you wouldn't know so many of your favorite creators. Social media is like a level playing field, it has provided each and every person the same opportunity to grow online. What matters is what you choose to do with the platform. For me, it's helped me grow as a person, and as a creator. I seek inspiration, I see what's being put up online, and it keeps me updated with regard to the fashion and beauty industry.

Interview With Fashion & Lifestyle Creator Sana Grover

Interviewer: Any advice for the upcoming Content Creators?

Sana: To anyone who wants to become a content creator, all I'd say is do your research, teach yourself everything you need to learn and get started. I'm still learning. It's something you'll never get enough of. If you fall in love with the process of creating, you'll realize you're living your best life. Try out different things, experiment, and remember, creativity knows no limits. Put your heart and soul into every piece of content you make. It's okay to take risks, break the rules, and make mistakes. Just remember to have fun along the way and be yourself. You've got this!

Interviewer: It's nice talking with you, thank you for your time.

Sana: Thank you so much, Same here.

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