Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda

Today social media we can recognize as a promotional channel and accepting this more commercially and centralized manner use. Instagram has shown its aptitude when it comes to understanding user demand and moving with the times when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. To put it simply, it does what people want it to do with easy access and availability.

Although these results spell doom and gloom for other social media platform from the influencers’ perspective but in past Instagram has proved its presence  and supported so may new commerce, Data marketers will not be surprised to hear that where influencers lead, followers – and, ultimately, their lucrative highly engaged consumers – will follow where Instagram is leading the market and adding a subsequent way for the influencer who was searching the correct platform.

By catering to influencers far more closely and effectively, offering such functions as tagging and swiping tacking business scenario too with it, its adding new features too which are not beatable in today's scenario with any other app, they are providing additional accountability for sponsored posts and better analytics which helps the user to track their activity and engagements. Also, brands can easily track influencer performance and influencers can check on their own content and feedback. SocialTalk spoke with young and passionate Prerna Panda about her experience being an influencer.

Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda

Interviewer: So Prerna, Please tell me about yourself(Introduction)? and your journey.

Prerna: I'm a lawyer turned artist, and a digital Creator, or a Social media influencer. I m currently staying in Pune since the starting of this year, my work is mostly in Mumbai- Pune. I left my job as a corporate lawyer in Mumbai last year, after I worked for a couple on months right after my graduation, I'm associated with a talent management agency called casting beans in Mumbai, I do modeling projects with them. I had an interest in social media, and creating online and building my own business, since I was in school. I could never implement it tho, I started a YouTube channel back in 2010, with my guitar and vocal skills, that time it was hardly hyped or people hardly knew anything about it. out of peer pressure and my boards, I dropped out that plan but YouTube and making videos was always in the back of my mind. I realized my passion for fashion, photography, video creating and aesthetics in college when I joined all the dots starting from stitching clothes for my Barbie, talking to an imaginary person while doing everything, my concern of "what to wear" n perfecting my aesthetics n clicking a zillion of pictures of everything with the small Nikon camera we had as a kid.

Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda

In 2018, I made my Instagram public n putting up pictures, writing, etc, in 2019 Feb, I went to London fashion week with a lot of renowned bloggers and influencers from the country and most of them I looked up to always in the field like Aashna shroff, Kritika Khurana, traveling with them I learned a lot of our things, figured out direction to go about this field, and I just knew this is what I really love and I started doing it with all my energy n creativity. later in July, went on a trip with my inspiration for influencing, Aakriti Rana, learned A lot about the implementation and the business aspect of it too. Since then I have been continuously learning n creating about fashion, travel, self-awareness and much more.

Interviewer: What is the best thing about being an influencer?

Prerna: I think the sense of responsibility which you have towards the people who look up to you, which not only helps me in my work but also it feeds me, fuels me, and makes me a better human being, always trying to learn and get better knowledge, facts, and skills.

                                             Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda

Interviewer: What is your brand’s objective?

Prerna: To connect to people as raw as I can. As real as it can get, honesty, authenticity, transparency, and try to provide a sense of closure.

Interviewer: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?

Prerna: I think I cherish and I'm thankful for all the collaborations I have done to this date.

Interviewer: How supportive have Instagram been?

Prerna: Instagram has been a really good platform for me to support my creativity and business. Every platform has a different algorithm, you have to figure out and learn that, and it's different from Creator to Creator, once you get a hold as of how to keep tracking your algorithm and your insights, you'll eventually enjoy posting and creating. It fluctuates a lot, to be honest, but what's life without ups and downs, right?

Interviewer: How did you grow your channel?

Prerna: About my Ig Page and IGTV channel, consistency, creativity, having my own ideas and making content that my audience likes, also to constantly keep touch with current affairs, trends, and catching up with that, helped me grow. on the other hand my YouTube channel, I hardly m consistent there, I m working on it and have a plan to execute, I mostly make travel content, on my youtube. it's still under construction, and hopefully will be inconsistent action soon.

Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda

Interviewer: What is the age range of your target customer?

Prerna: mostly 18-24

Interviewer: What would you do if you didn’t work as an influencer?

Prerna: I'm a lawyer, I can go back to work anytime I want, and I would definitely continue to work as an artist, with my agency.

Interviewer: Tell us about your likes, dislikes, and hobbies?

Prerna: I love singing, I love doing yoga, I like doing DIY's, I absolutely love traveling and whenever get a chance I run back to the mountains and live like a nomad. I like spending time with my mom, and my sister, going on drives with my father, going out to different restaurants neat, having chai.

I m a big-time foodie, and I love my pet bird way too much. if get a chance i can play with her all day long n do nothing.

                                  Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda
Interviewer: How does social media fit into your growth plan?

Prerna: It constantly allows and pushes me to learn new things, research about new things, help me with consumer behavior, social behavior, helps me with psychology, dealing and handling situation n people, helps me improve my marketing skills, help me with public speaking and most importantly teaches me constantly to help people, to do things for people and the environment, to uplift others, and helps me cherish the truth of COEXISTENCE, CO RELATIONS, how everything is connected and how we have to work as a team, how we all work for each other and that's the mantra to grow.  Along with and with the help of others.

Interviewer: What’s the biggest barrier to your success on social media?

Prerna: There is no barrier if you are determined enough not to let anything come in between your passion. earlier I used to get impatient and upset with numbers, but I have learned so far nothing matters but your work and your research on how to grow your passion as a business and make it a profession.

Interview With Social Media Infuencer Prerna Panda

Interviewer: How do you communicate with people or fans?

Prerna: I go live, I constantly put up stories and question box, I try to reply to everyone in the DMS, I reply to all their comments acknowledge all their compliments and take in all the constructive criticism.

Interviewer: Do you predict any shift in influencer marketing in the coming future?

Prerna: Yes definitely. I hope its only inclination. and More opportunities.

Interviewer: Have you heard or used the Instagram product Reel, how it is different from TikTok?

Prerna: yes I have, I think it pretty much has all the features like TikTok, only a few minor differences, the songs, the duration, and the fact that you cannot save it with the audio.

Interviewer: Have you worked with any brands before? And if so how was your e How would you like to collaborate with brands?

Prerna: I have worked with quite a few brands in the year and a half, I think the best collaborations are the Long term collaborations, with a sense of sustainability, the inclination of efforts and outcomes with each step, betterment in the deliverables from my side, as well as the commercials n recognition from their side. building trust over a period of time as there needs to be an understanding from the brand towards the influencer, and Vice versa.

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