Interview With Social Media Influencer Simran Sharma

Interview With Social Media Influencer Simran Sharma

A social media influencer is any person who has a piece of sound knowledge in their field, on what they claim their fashion and style is and uses that knowledge to influence people in believing their suggestions, or subscribing to the same set of style or idea, they are trying to propagate through their channel – on social media. Sounds a little dangerous? Well, it is, for a number of reasons.

This is because what you put out on social media has a real impact. on someone 's life and choices.

this means that you have the power to influence people, and a famous quote is there from a famous movie "Great power comes with great responsibility"  – which you can change for the better, and scarily, even for the worse. Before anything you assert or promote, being an influencer be sure to do your own background digging, to ensure that both your fan base and your credibility stay intact and that your influencing skills are thoroughly sustainable.

logically they follow for this reason only, in whatever small way you were capable of proving themselves what you are pointing.

Social media influencing is one of the most impactful and effective ways of marketing and advertising. they are credible not because they have a huge fan following, but because you have a large fan following they owe them all the credit they rightfully deserve. Regardless of whether they choose this path as a personal branding exercise or you did for other clients to help market their products, this is a responsibility that should be assumed carefully.

True social influencers who lose out on mileage and on time to realize that they truly had the power to touch lives and bring about a positive change in their followers Similar that,  Sonali Sharma(Editor) from SocialTalk Spoke with True social influencer- Simran Sharma, She cares for her audience and treats them as family, She is a Bangalore based social media influencer. and bagged No. 1 top-ranked Bangalore influencer since 2018.

Interview With Social Media Influencer Simran Sharma

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Interviewer: Please tell about yourself?

Hi, My name is Simran Sharma and I’m a Bangalore based influencer. I’m also the finalist of The International Glamour Project Miss India 2020. A little bit about how I became a social media influencer is I actually never planned on becoming an influencer, it just happened. I started posting pictures and videos of myself as I’ve always really enjoyed creating content and a lot of people resonated with my content and soon I got brands that hold the same values as me who wanted to collaborate with me. I can truly say, I love what I do! I have previously also worked with one of the big 4’s for two & a half years namely: Ernst & Young. Where I had won the spotlight award for “Client Champion” I was a tax analyst as finance has been an interest of mine since I love working with numbers. I’m presently the Co-Founder of “Being Sindhi Charitable Trust” which is a human service charity. I have always found happiness whilst helping another human, which is also one of the primary reasons why the idea came up to co-found the Charitable Trust

Interviewer: Congratulations on the finalist of Miss India 2020  The International Glamour project, please share your experience with it. 

Thank you! I’m exhilarated, excited, and thrilled about being the Finalist of The International Glamour Project Miss India 2020. 

The International Glamour Project is India’s biggest Internationally associated Pageant for Teens, Miss & Mrs. My experience so far has been amazing! I’m blessed to be a part of this as I’m on a journey of self-discovery and to become the best version of myself. Plus I believe I have what it takes to win. 

Interviewer: How you become a content creator?

Keep working on creating content that drives you and that you are passionate about. For instance, If you are someone who likes going to restaurants and eating out create content on that.

At first, you will have hurdles since there are so many creators! But don’t give up, stay authentic and motivated by creating content and keep working on it. Being yourself is your power, embrace it! Make what you like…your passion

Interviewer: How do you react when content bombs?

The feeling is surreal as you put in a lot of effort into creating content. I look for insights on what it meant to teach me by taking a step back and reflecting on the content. I also ensure to take polls, questions with my followers via story to know what they would like to see next as every day there is so much content being consumed! For me, it’s not about making it but also maintaining it. Failures are my stepping stones to success.

Interviewer: Future planning for your content

I plan on making a lot of video-based content in the near future. Instagram has launched Reels, I think it’s a good opportunity to get into video content as your “brand” gets made through your content. 

Interviewer: Please tell us about your college life(London and Bangalore)? why didn’t you prefer a modeling school, as u are already interested in?

I studied at the London School Of Economics where I did Strategic Management. London is a beautiful place and I made a lot of memories there. I met so many incredible people from different parts of the world who I’m still in touch with. In Bangalore, I have done my Schooling from Bishop Cotton Girls’ High School and 12 years in an all-girls school has taught me how women can support each other. As they say, empowered women empower women. I’m proud to say I studied there and made great connections with some amazing women who are so inspiring and encouraging.

Interview With Social Media Influencer Simran Sharma

Further, I did my plus-two in Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College and had a great college experience and I did my degree from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce where I did BBA and majored in Finance. In SJCC my college experience has been wonderful, I had so many opportunities and encountered some of the great talents! 

The reason I didn’t pick a modeling school is as mentioned earlier, I’m interested in Finance and wanted to work with numbers. But, now that I have signed up with the TIGP agency I’m currently pursuing that side of my life. 

Interviewer: why didn’t you choose modeling as a full-time career, as you worked in corporate also?   

I’m someone who believes in having knowledge in different spheres, I like being busy with multiple things. I wanted to experience corporate life and understand the best of both worlds. 

Interviewer: Yoga and meditation is also a part of your daily life,  tell us about something, how do u get into this.

I do Yoga & Meditation at 5 am every day. My yoga teacher has taught me the importance of waking up early & how it can change your day. In fact, my whole family does yoga & meditation together so, on the days when I can’t push myself to wake up, they ensure I do and I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful family. I strongly believe it is important to take care of yourself (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually) and give yourself the kind of importance you give your loved ones. Meditation helps me stay calm and helps me in being productive.

Interviewer:  Tell us about your likes, dislikes, and hobbies?

I love reading and listening to podcasts/audiobooks in my free time. 

I like journaling and I have manifested most of my achievements through future self journaling. I also like having a gratitude list, which I write in every night before bed. 

I absolutely love singing 

The one thing I dislike is my need to stay productive all the time. I’m someone who cannot stay idle. I usually keep myself busy and entertained. I’m currently working on taking it easy on myself. 

My hobbies include nail art, shopping, watching movies/shows. 

Interviewer:  At last, Any parting advice

Don’t give up on something you believe in. You are unique and there is no one like you, be yourself. Unapologetically. Feed your mind with dreams and goals that you want to achieve. Go to bed with that dream. Manifest every bit of it. It will happen for you when the time is right, I promise.

My moto is to stop only when you achieve what you set out for. 

Interviewer:  Thanks, It was nice to talk to you.

Simran: Same here

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