Interview with New Talent Simran Baweja

Welcome to 2020... India is moving towards the digital, and its perfect time to work on it,  a time in age where you can make money (and a lot of it!) by simply documenting your daily life. While blogging made this idea mainstream, it really never had the impact that Instagram has today as we know before. Specifically, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more “average joes” turn their daily lives into something worth watching, and something worth paying for! and we were knowing them before as a content creator, blogger.

So, what exactly am I talking about?? Well, Instagram Influencers of course! You know the ones. The beautiful girls rocking bikinis in Bali, the fashion-forward men covered head to toe in designer digs and even the tiny little teacup puppies gnawing on small-batch dog treats.. or just make your talent as your key and start shooting it, makeup, travel, creativity, and so on…  appreciating nowadays on Instagram,

SocialTalk has interview young talent Simran Baweja, Once who was News anchor, and Radio Jockey qualified, and now Makeup artist, and Instagram blogger.

Interview with New Talent Simran Baweja

Interviewer: Hello Simran, Please tell me about yourself?

Simran: Hello, I’m Simran Baweja From New Delhi (India). I'm a media college dropout and a double diploma holder in Radio Jockey & News Anchoring and Makeup. I'm a freelance Makeup Artist and Instagram blogger. In my previous time, I have also worked with Zee News. 

Interviewer: How do you generate ideas?

Simran: For ideas I see nature and according to me for perfect color combinations and patterns you can look around  in nature as beautiful blue and green tone of peacock or that the beautiful color of a maple leaf with a tint of black, just like this I try to get ideas.

Interview with New Talent Simran Baweja

Interviewer: How you become a content creator?

Simran: Firstly I am trying to be a content creator but yes I pursued many fields but never got satisfaction. Then someday I realized that I mostly get satisfied when I get ready when i do makeup, when I share that on social media then only I professionally started it.

Interviewer: How do you measure the content’s success?

Simran: All I think in this success is when the one who follows you gets to learn something and the love they give on my content that is a success . Count of likes and followers doesn’t matter as there should be quality, not quantity. 

Interviewer: How do you react when content bombs?

Simran: I feel special .. I feel like I’m on cloud 9 as when I post and in a few minutes I get unexpected likes and comments and mostly the positive ones. That feeling is something you can't describe in words.

Interview with New Talent Simran Baweja

Interviewer: Impact of social media in your life as a content creator?

Simran: There are pros and cons as you have to think too much about content .. You have to research and see what audience gonna like but after that when I get noticed, people start recognizing me... That is something beyond anything.

Interviewer: Future planning for your content

Simran: Trying to make it better every day but This pandemic is kinda speed breaker to us but surely everything will be fine and sooner will try to make content more and more refined.

Interviewer: What do you think of our current social media efforts? 

Simran: Social media efforts acts like even 100% efforts are less and nowadays social media is on mind 24 hours but yes it teaches us many things like hard work and punctuality. 

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