Interview with food & travel blogger Kamiya Jani

Interview with food & travel blogger Kamiya Jani

Welcome to the latest installment of our interview series with some of our favorite travel and food bloggers. Today we’re chatting with Kamiya Jani, the owner of the travel and food blog Kamiya's adventurous nature and inability to say "no" have led her to some pretty amazing adventures all around the world. But she has no desire to stop exploring anytime soon, She set up Curly Tales to let people discover their love for food, travel & indulgences. Before this, Kamiya was working as a Business Journalist & Television anchor with ET NOW, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC TV18.

Interview with food & travel blogger Kamiya Jani

Kamiya Jani gave up her full-time media job to travel the world. 40 countries, 123 cities and the rest of the world to go. She doesn’t believe in taking adventures alone and that’s why she set up Curly Tales. To get people everywhere to discover their love for travel & indulgence. Before this, Kamiya was working as a Business Reporter & Television Anchor with ET NOW, Bloomberg TV and CNBC TV18, Sonali Sharma(Editor) from SocialTalk interview young and passionate talent Kamiya Jani.

Interviewer: Hello Kamiya, Please tell me about yourself?

Kamiya: I am Kamiya Jani, founder of, India's number 1 food & travel platform. Before this, I was working as a news anchor at a business news channel. I am a passionate traveler, mom to a 7-yr old and an aspiring dancer.  

Interview with food & travel blogger Kamiya Jani

Interviewer: How do you generate ideas?

Kamiya: I think about all the questions I would have as a traveler or a food enthusiast, pen them down on a sheet, and start working on it. I also trace news and trends in the food & travel space and then work on an in-depth feature story on it. Something that has not been done by others. 

Interviewer: How you become a content creator?

Kamiya: By telling stories in the most engaging fashion while giving it a personal touch. 

Identify your audience
Establish your voice
Put yourself out there
Reflective of your personality
DON’T BE - Jack of all, master of none
Position yourself as an expert in one specific area 
Interview with food & travel blogger Kamiya Jani

Interviewer: How do you measure the content’s success?

Kamiya: In the most simple way, through virality. However, I realize that Social media is an important distribution funnel but not the destination. Blogs or websites will always be relevant when they are looking for information. People google information and not always look for it on Instagram. Google Analytics tells us about the pageviews content gets and youtube tells us about the video views and that's the parameter.

Interviewer: How do you react when content bombs?

Kamiya: I am fine with taking risks. It disappoints me a little if I have set high expectations but I move on very quickly to my next project. 

Interview with food & travel blogger Kamiya Jani

Interviewer: Impact of social media in your life as a content creator?

Kamiya: My professional life revolves around social media.

Interviewer: Future planning for your content(How you will improve)

Kamiya: I heavily rely on making a content calendar, a week in advance. Every week, we publish over 14 videos and over 100 articles. I work with a big team now so getting everyone on the same page is a bit of a challenge but the process is quite enjoyable. For us, the audience is the king and content should be helpful for him.

Interviewer: What do you think of our current social media efforts?  

Kamiya: Would want to understand in which way. But there are two sides to social media. It can be your best friend or your enemy. I look at it as a learning ground and a pool of ideas so I quite enjoy it. 


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