Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Fashion is currently, a popular style practice that includes clothing, shoes and accessories. Fashion seems to have its origins in the Western but it covered every corner around the world, but it has been copied from other places and evaluating its versions, When someone talks about fashion, it's not related to dress, it belongs the style too, how to carry and how to implement from color to hair dress, we mean it's not related to terms textiles anymore. In most cases, fashion is confusingly associated with costumes and in some cases more of a form of clothing than a fashion practice of its own way of in every aspect. 

Fashion is usually referred to as a style, a style of dress, or even a fashion. 

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Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Fashion is a popular style practice at the moment, which includes clothing, shoes, and accessories, and other accessories. We will look at what fashion is and what it is mostly and how we will describe it according to our guest Miss Ankita Aggarwal

With sophisticated journalism and top quality content SocialTalk is presenting Ankita, inspiring women who present a distinctive combination of glamour, personality, and warmth and her journey.

Interviewer: Please tell us about yourself?

Ankita: I am a Bangalore based Fashion And Lifestyle Blogger and a Fashion Designer by profession. 

I  have my own blog called Fashion Runway by Ankita Aggarwal.

I was one among the award winners of “Rang De 2018” my college fashion show. 

 I also participated in the Deccan Herald Fashion show as a Designer for my collection named “Indiana”

I  attribute my success to my teachers of Baldwin Women’s Methodist College  and my parents for encouraging me in the Fashion World. 

Interviewer:  What inspired you to start your blog?

Ankita: I have always loved writing about fashion, style, fabrics, trends, etc ... Have a keen eye for photography ... Love styling apparel ... All these three adding together made my hobbies turn into my profession. 

Interviewer:  How do you generate ideas?

Ankita: a) Firstly Understand your Niche (Eg - Fashion, Beauty, Tech).                                                

b) Love your Existing readers.     

 c) Be consistent.                              

d) Give away your knowledge.  

 e) Get ideas from your audience.

f) Focus on writing honest reviews.                                              

 In India blogging still seems to be an alien topic. When I did my research about fashion blogging, it took me a long time to understand how things work in this industry. I started off with Instagram as a teenager, it took a few years for brands to approach me. So have lots and lots of patience and never give up. Your dreams will definitely come true if you are passionate and also work hard towards your goal. There is no gain without any pain. 

Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Interviewer:  Can you tell us some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

Ankita: My fundamental key to start blogging is self-motivation and creative ideas. For blogging, you need to provide the content every day for that self-motivation and creative mind plays an important role. Also, content should be something that enriches the reader's lives, inspires them, and makes them come back to your blog.

Also, Consistency plays an important role. A consistent blogger is one that draws the admiration of his/her followers.

Another key is to be unique. Please don't copy any ideas and posts. Be unique, people love odd and unusual ideas, be yourself. Don’t go overboard

Be passionate. Being passionate is a positive quality of good bloggers as it will give you the courage to talk about things in an honest and transparent way.

Networking also plays an important role in this. Successful bloggers use this as a way to get noticed and build their own personal brand.

You need to be strong and never stop believing in yourself. Sometimes Bloggers also get negative comments. A good and successful blogger should be able to take both compliments and criticism. Be real, Be unique, and always believe in yourself.

Interviewer:  What would be your ideal working environment?

Ankita: A good working environment for a blogger is where he/she has the time to research and write. However, blogging can be done simultaneously with any work environment with an organisation and prior planning.

I personally love writing blogs during my free time at my fashion boutique.

Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Interviewer:  What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

Ankita: My biggest failure in blogging was when my Instagram handle got hacked. I had no clue how to retrieve it back. A lot of my tech savi friends tried to help me sort this problem out and it took me a week to get things right. I lost a couple of followers. I had to restart my journey again. During this period I lost six months of my written blogs. This was a very sad incident. But despite all this, once I started again I could see immense growth in this career. Once I started afresh I kind of understood that any idea can be put the right way with hard work to become a success.

Interviewer:  What would you say is the biggest challenge in fashion blogging?

Ankita: When I began my blog, there were thousands of blogs and now there are plenty more. The major publications didn't have their own bloggers, and brands didn't have digital media teams or blogger relations.  Blogging was about creating a voice independent of magazines and providing an alternative opinion to the fashion rules. Earlier most bloggers were taking photos with their cell phones (or with low-quality point and shoot cameras propped on stoves, tables, or rails).

Interviewer:  How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

Ankita: My fashion mantra is - “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your Runway” This is the reason I named my blog Fashion Runway by Ankita Aggarwal.

Admired for her fashion sense Kritika Khurana from “That Boho Girl” is inspiring every woman to try something offbeat and distinct. 

What would you say is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger? (Invitations to fashion events, interaction with people, gifts, etc.)

Best feature of being a fashion blogger is if you're famous enough, then big companies and fashion brands send you free products for review and promotion. Moreover, you'll get free passes to fashion shows and events and of course lots and lots of fun. Its also a platform to socialize.

Interviewer:  What is your dream job?

Ankita: In my blogging the career I want to work for Daniel Wellington and as a designer, I want to design for the Indian film industry inspired by Manish Malhotra – a middle class a common man with no formal education in design has become one of the best designers of India.

Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Interviewer:  Favorite Quote?

Ankita: My favorite fashion proverb is - “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your Runway” This is the reason I named my blog Fashion Runway by Ankita Aggarwal.                                             

Interviewer:  What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Ankita: An outfit formula is a recipe for a specific combination of items that you can wear in lots of different versions. I usually love trying out new styles with one particular dress or a garment. Example :

1.       Accessorizing Printed dresses.

2.       Creating a boho look.

3.       A shirt was worn in different ways.

4.       Oversized sweater styled in different ways.

5.       Denim styled in unique ways.

6.       A Scarf draped into different tops.

7.       Slit dresses worn in different styles.

8.       Styling my Summer lookbook

9.        Curating styles for different seasons.

10.   Draping sarees into western gowns.

Interviewer:  What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

Ankita: Phoenix Market City and Garuda Mall have collaborated with me. So I will be up in their new campaigns so stay tuned.

Interviewer:  How often do you communicate with your audience (followers)?

Ankita: I communicate with my insta fam quite often. Its been 3 years since iv been blogging and I really feel connected to my audience and that’s very important in a blogger or influencers life. Every day is exciting and also challenging as to how my audience react to my posts.

I try use innovative captions on my posts also articipate in my comment threads and try not to miss out replying to even one. I also run contests and campaigns to keep my blog exciting and entertaining.

Interviewer:  What are your goals as a fashion designer? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Ankita: My dream is to walk the ramp as a designer in the Bangalore Fashion Week.

I'm hardworking and passionate and so I’m sure I will progress in this field and my dreams will come true.

Interviewer:  Impact of social media in your life as a lifestyle blogger?

Ankita: I have my own personal style of fashion which people have appreciated and admired.

I did discover fashion blogging, though. And along with it, I discovered, not just the confidence to wear the clothes I wanted to wear, even if they were a little bit different to what everyone around me was wearing, but also a whole community of people to share those outfits with. Before I started blogging, I didn’t really have that.

So, blogging about my outfits definitely gave me the confidence to find my own style, which I think is a good thing.

Social media has helped me curate different styles and looks through my Instagram and blogs which are an extension of me.

Interview with Fashion Designer Ankita Aggarwal

Interviewer:  Any advice for upcoming fashionistas?

Ankita: Looking more fashionable isn't always about wearing the trendiest, most expensive clothes, or mastering some complex styling trick. Sometimes it's as easy as just tucking in your shirt or throwing on a pair of sunglasses.

Be yourself.

Wear whatever suits you and your lifestyle.

Every woman is pretty in her own way.

Here are some quick questions for you, we recommend you please give answers to them also. which will be helping your followers to know you. 

Interviewer:  How many tattoos do you have?

Ankita: I have got a few temporary tattoos are done which have lasted for a short period of time but permanent tattoos are a big NO.

Interviewer:  Beauty product you can’t live without?

Ankita: Mac lipstick, Cherry Lipbalm from Fab India, Body Shops strawberry body wash, Bath and bodywork perfume.

Interviewer:  Favorite fashion brand?

Ankita: No guesses at all… Zara and Forever 21 are my super favorites.

Interviewer:  Celebrity crush in the fashion world?

Ankita: Siddhart malhotra 

Sneakers or heels? 

Ankita: A mix of both- variety is the spice of life.

Interviewer:  Gym or exercising outdoors? 

Ankita: Again a mix of both.

Interviewer:  Yoga or running?

Ankita: I like yoga, Bollywood and hip hop dance form

Interviewer:  Favorite drink?

Ankita: Virgin Mojito and fresh fruit juices.

Interviewer:  Happiest moment?

Ankita: When I was chosen as a Jury Member for a design college in Bangalore and the Jury of  Isckon Fashion event.

Interviewer:  Saddest moment?

Ankita: After 6 months of my blogging career my blog got hacked, I had absolutely no clue of how to retrieve it back.

Interviewer:  Instagram or Snapchat?

Ankita: Instagram has given me my identity.

Used to be an avid snap chatter in my college days.

Interviewer:  9-5 job or full-time influencer?

Ankita: Fashion Designing as a 9-5 job and deep inside my passion is writing blogs and becoming an influencer/blogger.

Interviewer:  What’s your top Instagram tip?

Ankita: Be yourself and be unique.

Interviewer:  A most exciting moment since being an influencer?

Ankita: When I walked the ramp for a celebrity designer brand.

Interviewer:  Best campaign you’ve ever worked on?

Ankita: Smile deke Dekho campaign by Lays. Where my smile was printed on the green lays packet flavored naughty lemon.

Interviewer:  The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer? 

Ankita: Lots and lots of goodies are the perks of being an influencer. Unboxing each goodie bag gives immense pleasure.

Interviewer:  Favorite fashion film? 

Ankita: Bollywood – Aisha, Fashion

Hollywood – The Devil wears Prada(2006), The September Issue(2009)

Interviewer:  Favourite web series?

Ankita: Netflix – Next in Fashion,

Amazon Prime – Four More Shots, please

Interviewer:  Going out clubbing or a quiet dinner with friends? 

Ankita: I love attending blog events where we meet up for lunch, dinner, or sometimes at parties. We also meet up at brand launches where we get special invites. I also enjoy meeting my school and college friends. Going back to my alma mater and reviving nostalgic memories is the best feeling of those good old days.


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