Interview With An Emerging Writer Saeeba

Interview With An Emerging Writer Saeeba

An Emerging writer refers to one who would want to try his/her hands in the field of writing whether stories, articles, or content writing. Start looking for online opportunities for posting their content on various platforms, such as writing articles, stories, attempting to write short stories.

Once your writings are published and you start getting a little recognition you can be termed as an emerging writer for you which is a part of the journey.

In between would be the “emerging” writer, who is starting to place their work in venues with wider circulation amongst the blogs, website sometimes, being considered for awards, showing up in interviews and podcasts in many cases. They have maybe even seen some money (but not much yet, and not often) but great accomplishments are that your piece of writing is getting recognizing by others...

There’s no bright line between them. every writer goes through this path, some will get their destination soon and for some, it took a little bit more.

Every writer once an emerging writer like this Sonali Sharma(Editor) From SocialTalk spoke with an emerging writer Saeeba, who loves to write stories.

Interview With An Emerging Writer Saeeba

Interviewer: Saeeba, Please tell about yourself and your journey.

Saeeba: Hey! my name is Saeeba I am 13 years old residing in Kolkata, West Bengal. I have a dream where I wanted people to know my name and who I am. So, I worked hard trying to achieve my dreams even though my parents didn't support me but, later when I started posting it and was getting views, votes, and comments which were about how people loved my books and encouraging me to write. Later, I showed my parents how much people love my work they regretted everything they said and supporting me the most.

Interviewer: Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

Saeeba: Whenever any story ideas pop up in my mind I quickly write down its summary in my secret diary.

Interviewer: What motivated you to become a writer? who is your inspiration?

Saeeba: Being my parent's only child, I started making up my own imaginary world and imagined things and I wrote everything I imagined in my diary. It was a normal day where I was going through everything I wrote in there and I thought 'Wow, I'm so good at writing'. later, the same day I was going through social media and I saw a lot of people writing stories or fanfictions there. 'if they can write then why not me?' i thought and made an account, changed everyone's name into famous TikTok boy's name and wrote my story in there and people or fangirls started loving it. of course, they would cause it was a fanfiction for TikTok boys! A few weeks later, a person texted me that 'Your stories are so good why don't you write it on Wattpad?'

I downloaded Wattpad and made an account and went through it 'wow so people have written stories in here I should write too'i thought and then wrote 'She belongs to me'......

Interviewer: What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

Saeeba: The FanFiction which I talked about earlier was the best accomplishment I've ever got. In late June, I deleted them from there to rewrite them again as a Fiction on Wattpad!

Interview With An Emerging Writer Saeeba

Interviewer: Please tell about your creation "Dr. Playboy" and "She Belongs to Me"

Saeeba: "Dr. Playboy'' is a story about a freshmen named Hope Evans who messes up with sophomore named Mark Jones, typically a playboy at school. Little did Hope knew that the playboy is also a doctor of sage!
    ''She belongs to me'' is a story about a girl named Kelly Mattews and a boy named Jacob Stuart. Jacob is a bad boy of the school and also Kelly's bully. Both of their parents are best friends but one family dinner would change their lives.

Interviewer: When you develop characters do you already know who they are before you begin writing or do you let them develop as you go?

Saeeba:  I let my characters develop as I go.

Interviewer: Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

Saeeba: Yes, the first story I ever wrote was that FanFiction.

Interviewer: Let say, If you were deserted on an island, which three people would you want to have with you? Why? Criteria:

One fictional character from your book
One fictional character from any other book
One famous person that is not a family member or friend

Saeeba: a. Zach Stuart cause he's really friendly.

b. Peter from the story Peter (The Devil On My Shoulder) because he's a ghost and also a great helper.

c. JojoSiwa causes she was the only person who helped me when I was down.

Interviewer: Describe what your ideal writing space looks like.

Saeeba: My ideal writing space is my bedroom. A room with a t.v. , studying desk and big window from where I can get fresh air and a lot of silence.

Interviewer: What are your current projects?

Saeeba:  I'm currently writing the rewritten version of the fanfiction and Dr. Playboy.

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