Interview With Content Creator Tanisha Gandhi

Interview with content creator Tanisha Gandhi

A content creator should follow certain things to make simple conversations into intellectuals. Depending on the audience, he/she should try to maintain their voice. For example, if you choose to write content or a topic related to your interest, you should be perfect in it, technology, then you have to sound little knowledgeable, and also make sure that layman can understand as well. they use to come up with different ideas and implantations something like outside of the box...

To add more, a content creator could also be a content writer who writes blogs with the purpose to drive more traffic to websites for the public interest. In short, content writing is a way to build your brand and grow your business and provide you with updates and trustworthy stuff.

In the marketing industry, there is no doubt “the content is the king”. We can say that content writing has taken the marketing industry by storm. Good content is the minimum requirement for any influencer. similar that Sonali Sharma(editor) spoke with the Tanisha Gandhi, a 17-year-old young content creator who is creating content over social media platforms and providing trustworthy stuff to her audience.

Interviewer: Please tell me about yourself. 

Tanisha: Hi, my name is Tanisha Gandhi! Currently, I am a science student and hopefully be an engineer soon.  Social media came by chance and looking at the present, I’m pretty sure it is here to stay with me for a long time! I relish the time creating the content and then I post it. Rest whether it is appreciated or criticised motivates me. 

Interview with content creator Tanisha Gandhi

Interviewer: How do you generate ideas? 

Tanisha: Well I don’t generate ideas- it comes up. Maybe my interest in this helps my inner self to come up with new things. I try it out if it works good and if it doesn’t I laugh cherish and move on

Interviewer: How you become a content creator? 

Tanisha: Creating content is a little tricky because while preparing for it you have no idea whether it will be accepted by the society or not but don’t ever stop yourself from creating what you want!! As long as you’re passionate about it, everything’s gonna be fine. So stay motivated! 

Interviewer: How do you measure the content’s success? 

Tanisha:  “Success” is both countable as well as uncountable depending on its usage in the sentence. Getting to your question, primarily if the content has created an impact positively on the viewers then it is a success for me. The numbers of views/likes are secondary. 

Interview with content creator Tanisha Gandhi

Interviewer: How do you react when content bombs 

Tanisha: I absorb the happiness and strive for the betterment <3

Impact of social media in your life as a content creator. 

It has enhanced my confidence and perception towards everything around me has changed in a fruitful way. 

Ps: my mother ensures a reality check on me xD 

Interviewer: Future planning for your content?

Tanisha: Learning is an ongoing process. There is no rule, it’s always the trial and error method so I’ll follow my instincts and strive hard! 

Interviewer: What do you think of our current social media efforts? 

Tanisha: It is appreciable and I look forward to many more things to come! 

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