Interview With Actress Muskaan Uppal

Interview With Actress Muskaan Uppal

Child actors have always managed to entertain the audience with some popular characters on TV or in films and well known's becoming stars. They have also managed to stay in the minds of the viewers even after so many years still have a separate part in our hearts. While some of them grow up to excel on the small screen, some just disappear with time, and keeping entertains us with their performance. Let's take a look at their evolution in their acting, popularity, and look ...

Muskaan Uppal is an Indian actress who appeared in the Hindi soap, Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil on Star Plus, as Chahat Prem Juneja. She gained more fame after performing as Meethi, the loving and sweet show Sasural Genda Phool on STAR Plus. Later, she was seen in the Chotti Bahu on Zee TV. and she has done a cameo role in the Lafangey Parindey movie and many more achievements.

She looks quite stylish in the latest picture. The actress has come a long way and upped her style game and inspiring others. She is totally opposite to her on-screen character in real life, Sonali Sharma(Editor)  from SocialTalk spoke with Muskaan Uppal, let meet with her and know how she is in person.

Interview With Actress Muskaan Uppal

Interviewer: Tell us about your journey, from a common girl to become a known face.

Muskaan: hey am fine thank u .. I hope you and all the readers too are doing good and are safe.

Alright it is quite an emotional family story of me becoming what I am today ...let me start with the age of 2years when according to my mom - Namrata Uppal, I used to get up from my baby cart from a deep sleep and sit up straight during the show kyunki saans bhi kbhi bahu thi , I guess I took the Smriti Irani's waving really seriously! And worked with her ahead .. at the age of 5 well I was too small to recognize the talent within me but it's said what parents' can see in their child the whole universe would fail to do so! They themselves had a dream of getting established in this industry which they clearly saw in me & then they planned for a single adv as dream fulfillment but who knew it would make 13years in this industry...

Interviewer: How you got your first break? & How long have you been acting?

Muskaan:  The first advertisement only that I got was a night shoot & the excitement on my face the whole night, made the production team along with my parents believe that I am in a correct line & the profession which I am starting with. Then there was no looking back with continuous 2years of Tv commercials such as Sbi, Dabur, Moov, McDonald's, Dettol, Lg, Roafsa, Khaitan fans with Karishma Kapoor, Vivel soap with Kriti Sanon, Kisan juice with Juhi Chawla, print shoots, music album with rabbi Shergill, fashion show and the list goes on ... With crime patrol,savdhaan india, CID chhote heroes,8 serials, 2movies ...

Interview With Actress Muskaan Uppal

Interviewer: OMG so much, ok... Are you a fan of Mr. Salman khan? how was your experience when you meet him?

Muskaan:  Yes, who's not? It was a wonderful memory that I still cherish. Actually, he was shooting on the same location wherein our shoot of Kis Desh main hai mera dil was going on & the moment crew came to know about the arrival of Salman Khan there was a hotchpotch to meet him, luckily out of the whole crowd he called me & my parents near his vanity to click pictures with a real kind gesture.

Interviewer: Tell us about your cameo role in LafangeyParindey?

Muskaan:  I was very excited about the shoot !! As Deepika Padukone has been one of my favorites!! I insisted my dad Narinder Uppal to take the shoot! We shooted at 3am and took her autograph and she called me from between to ask whether we have worked together or not it was such a good experience!!

Interviewer: How you manage your study with all this?

Muskaan:  okayyy this question is pushed on a million times towards me. It was, of course, a task to study along with shoots but it is very interesting to know that due to the extra lengthy scripts it really became easy for me to study lengthy answers, it has always been so comfortable for me & my mom to take my revision on the sets too! I used to take all my books & study on sets !! Well, let me tell u we shooted for chhoti bahu 2months at Indore n the same year I scored 96% which is highest till date! In grade 8  I was elected as education minister, grade 9- president, grade 10- Ryan princess, grade 11-fine arts secretary, grade 12- general secretary and class monitor till grade 7

I received 2 trophies for all-round best student,7 medals in Olympiads & most current - I bagged 2nd prize in national elocution competition held at St Xavier's College Mumbai. Scored 89% in grade 10 and 73% in grade 12science.

Interview With Actress Muskaan Uppal

Interviewer: did you have any memory from your and Miss SmritiIrani ad, as you was just five at that time?

Muskaan: Yes I was quite small & it was a real good experience as Smriti Irani is really humble I still remember her asking the production team that "bachhe ko dudh wudh pucha yaa nhi " !!

Interviewer: What is your personal favorite performance?

Muskaan:  this is a difficult choice as honestly am a bit self-obsessed human, I like everything I do but the best one was my first show of course as chahat in "kis desg main hai mera dil" it's my all-time favorite for sure.

Interviewer: Which of your roles was the most challenging for you to capture?

Muskaan:  the most challenging performance has been the episode "Black " from crime the patrol which has successfully reached 4.6M on YouTube wherein I played the role of a blind girl. Having this role was a real privilege as I never knew it will turn out to be so good .. we shot for this in Bhopal & there was a scene wherein m crying at the middle of Bhopal railway station as my brother left n didn't return the audience there were real people who thought that m seriously blind & started helping me for the same, that was really challenging for me to not let them know the truth !!

Interviewer: Tell about your character "Meethi" from SasuralGendaPhool.

Muskaan:  this show was full of memories, "sasural Genda phool " literally has a special place in my heart, a show full of love, family, emotions, happiness and the immense love & respect from Supriya pilgaonkar ma'am, the fun time on sets with Ragini Khanna di and joyful moments with Jiten Lalwani (dad) and Bhairavi Raichura(mom) in deep stored in my heart. Our whole team including the production, direction, technician, hair-makeup was just so wonderful...

Interview With Actress Muskaan Uppal

Interviewer: How was your experience inChottiBahuon Zee TV

Muskaan: there's another one which was such a cute cherished forever show! My co-star Nikunj padaya , dad aditya lakhiya & the whole team were next level. We made it together 2months at Indore, well people there were also a blessing so innocent & kind. Take me back to such a pure place wherein the vibe near Narmada Nadi where we shooted half of our episode was breathtaking & positive. Those were real good old days !!

Interviewer: As traveling is very close to your heart, what is your favorite holiday destination.

Muskaan: yes, definitely! Who doesn't likes traveling?! It's a real ride to get up, dress up, take pictures, love fans & travel the whole world if possible. I want to make a world tour once in my life alone that's a real kind of travel fantasy I got but if I got to tell one that is no doubt Venice. It's just the most beautiful place on the earth one can visit with houses held high on the water !

Interviewer: If you weren't an actor, what would you have liked to have been?

Muskaan: if not an actor a journalist & that's what am planning for my future studies too! I just love this profession a lot as I have a habit of talkin', writing, typing, reading continuously no matter how much time it costs me. So yeah it's a really good profession which gives justice to many people as media has got power in today's World more than any profession.

Interviewer: Do you have any most wonderful or humorous memory from the career you can share with us?

Muskaan: my favorite moment is when I was shooting for "chhoti bahu" there was a whole gathering of people surrounded they had pens and papers for the autograph and the crowd went up to the count of 100 in no time , we had to call the production team to get them aside for carrying forward with the shoot.

A girl used to come walking for like 1-2hours all the way long just for me to complete slam book she had.. a couple got my autograph on 100rs note as a memory... these memories are really close to me and I'll always cherish them...

Interviewer: Are you happy with your career so far?

Muskaan: yes! This is something which I have owned by god's grace on me & the whole & soul support by my Mum dad without them nothing could have been possible. My career is everything to me, like I can say without a doubt not only m happy .. but it's a true blessing to be in this industry if u have a will to be contended in whatever you get is the ultimate's decision.

Interviewer: which celebrities you believe are the most influential?

Muskaan: at this time, even if I close my eyes and think about someone really influencing its none other than a Real Hero "Sonu Sood " sir he isn't just a reel hero but proved to be a twar wiper of thousands of people in need. Heartfelt gratitude & salute to actors like him

Interviewer: From  ads to TV Serial and then LafangeyParindey, what Next?

Muskaan: Next want to continue entertaining all of you with more such challenging and interesting roles till you all keep on loving me as you do now ..there are still so many of u who love watching me and remember all my roles!! This affection keeps me motivated to go ahead more n more

Interviewer: What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity?

Muskaan: I have learned from this 13-year journey that keep your feet grounded, aims high and be what you are, trust your every moment as you never know when it will fly and you'll miss it terribly, this journey has been wonderful for me and hoping to get more wonderful ahead.

Interviewer: what projects you are currently working on? Which projects are the upcoming projects?

Muskaan: currently, sitting home it's getting productive every day, I have started writing blogs, dancing, singing and above all work out which I never thought in my life that I would do lol.. these things give me the strength to be alive every day in this quarantine period and that's what matters.

There are 2-3 projects which can't be disclosed so soon .. let's hope for the best

Interviewer: What advice would you give for new commerce in this industry.

Muskaan: all I want to write is everywhere in any field there are pros and cons - rejection, anxiety, failures are words which are part of life and these words must be treated in a way that remains temporary adjectives. This generation itself has to learn not to give up... Never give up guys it's just one life that we have in our hands if not now sometimes later .. even sunsets have its Beauty! Sunsets are known to be golden hours henceforth they are times to improve ourselves every phase ends with a positive note, every sunset ends with another sunrise .. prepare yourself for a better tomorrow and never let your past destroy your beautiful present... keep smiling with a positive attitude and high spirit...

Interviewer: It's nice to talk to you. Thank you so much for your time.

Muskaan: Thanks, same here.

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