Top Challenges in The Healthcare IT Industry

Top Challenges in The Healthcare IT Industry

Healthcare and IT Industry

The biggest challenge in the healthcare industry is using Emerging technologies in this field along with new government requirements and mandates for this sector. Today, we are living in an era of the nuances of various mobile solutions yet most hospital entities, clinics, and physician offices still have desktop technologies and keyboards which s a traditional way to serve services. We need to change these various processes to create a more mobile environment to facilitate the support of important healthcare-related advantages, such as real-time quick information and placing orders for track execution. This, in turn, would provide and assist in seamlessly delivering efficient and user-friendly technology quick data-driven which has the potential to eliminate the current trail faced by physicians receiving data that is not in quick real time and in a practical format for actionable steps.

Technology and people factor

The world of healthcare and IT clinical medicine should need to come together in order to improve the current design and implementation of upcoming future systems and technologies in healthcare. We need to give more attention to the “people factor” of things because without practical and frontline input from the consumers in healthcare and there is no feasible way that anyone from IT healthcare professional could perform efficiently in this sustainable way of process. The only resolution is to infuse emerging innovations into the heart of the system and process—whether it is a workflow with process and development, artificial intelligence, practical technology approaches, or a combination of all of the above technology. Under the current healthcare system, there is no easy way to “fix” but rather a compilation on several different pieces we can work together to create a streamlined process and uniformed approach to healthcare and it's delivery for implementation of technology. Google and Amazon among others are approaching healthcare with new technology and mobile process to create a hard impact so an infusion of ideas and processes from other industry sectors might prove to be the innovation that we all are hoping for in the quest to “fix” in the healthcare dilemma.

Security in IT and Healthcare

Today one of the key concerns in healthcare is security—security of the data and all information surrounding that data. And if nothing else, before we move further in innovating healthcare, we need to lock all sensitive information down and make it as secure as possible. Cybersecurity threats are caused by people using the technologies to harm other people; So we need to realize the human factor is paramount in the securing of healthcare IT and its data. While any organization has a designated “gatekeeper” identified such as the CISO, we all have the burden of protecting data, people, and things. Security begins from the ground up—from the front liner staff who sees and hears things that might prove helpful in avoiding a security breach to the top-level executives making policy and business decisions affecting security overall. We all share the burden and successes of security and I think we need to really start marketing in healthcare just as we do in the transportation sector of our lives: “if you see something—say something.” It is paramount to build the foundation of security for a long-term sustainability healthcare model.

Pearls of Wisdom for Executives

The most important thing is to learn from everybody you meet—regardless of title, age, or position no matter everybody has something which you have to learn that will increase your healthy mind state with. learning something is always an impact on our health we can generate new ideas or easy processes, so always be creative or We can all learn from each other as each of us has unique skills and in and indifferent intensity and the way of approaches to the things. It is important to always keep an open mind when you listen to anyone and before react, may yourself appropriate to listen and absorb as much as one can. people career has evolved out of the various passions that we have identified and subsequently acquired the skills to attain the end goal of life with the passions. we have to have and continue to meet some really great people around us, from all professional spheres whom you admire and want to emulate which makes you for a rewarding and long term career.

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