Sonali Boliya A Lifestyle & Fashion Influencers

Sonali Boliya A Lifestyle & Fashion Influencers

In the age of social media Platforms, sometimes your screen can be somewhat could find so many undesirable kinds of stuff like Advertisements flood Youtube videos, sponsorships are wack, and original content can rarely be found. Sonali Boliya is a content creator and social media connoisseur is challenging the media we know today by giving others a voice through her Social Media platforms.

Sonali a freelance model and well known for Influencer marketing. she is a symbol of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger/influencer over social Media platforms belongs to Bangalore. She started her journey at the age of 18 & till now she has been worked with more than 70 top brands. and having 15.2k followers over Instagram.

SocialTalk interviewed Sonali Boliya to learn more about her goals and aspirations, as well as learn more about her plans to re-invent the internet.

I am often asked how to become a blogger /influencer and whether it can be a full-time career. As a fashion influencer and freelance model you have to work independently and responsible for getting work without any intermediary. The industry is highly competitive to break into and it takes time to get established. For the first few years as a freelance model are the hardest and struggle. This is the point where you would discover (and get used to) the less glitzy aspects of the business such as long hours, cold casting calls, and rejections, among others.

How do you generate ideas?

-Well, I search my inspiration Through things around me & my personal experience and covert them in an idea. 

How do you measure the content’s success?

A content's success is not by how many likes it got. For me, It's through how many people appreciated it & how many people got inspired by that’s my ultimate goal for my content.

                           " Freelance modeling is a lucrative career path in India."

How do you react when content bombs?

It definitely feels satisfying that all the hard work is paid off

Sonali Boliya A Lifestyle & Fashion Influencers

Impact of social media in your life as a content creator?

There is not much impact... But the difference is most of the people around me use social media for fun. But I use it to inspire people and as well for the source of income. & whenever you are going out,  no matter what you are doing.. my mind is always running about how I can make utilize this time to make creative content... Even before sleep, I keep thinking about what my next content will be... How I 'll implement my ideas etc. 

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