Raashi The Influencer of Instagram

Raashi the Influencer of Instagram

Raashi is looking to reinvent herself after over a decade in the business of fashion and Besides being known for its vibrant culture, Today Instagram is the essence of fashion and elegance. Even though it’s not quite often enough, we’ve seen show-stopping Indian faces, walking through the ramp. Some are even noticed globally, like Raashi  And besides the several known beauties over the social media platform, there are many other emerging Indian models with an international appeal. Along with that, she emerging like a star among all of that.


It's been since 21yrs in the Mumbai for her and she is kind of an Ambivert well-known Personality and she needs to allot of space to love creating content. and believe in learning by doing so, she started following her creativity  in collage life where she has to find her space and which results in fashion too.


She has completed her graduation degree in science and looking forward to building up a good career in a better field on a different tangent along with handling social media too. Social media played a great role in her life and bring confidence and made her realize how positive and confident she can be. She worked on her body posture, expressions, and made me feel nothing is impossible in this world.

Raashi The Influencer of Instagram

Working As a Model

She is not interested in professional but it will not odd if we will say, that the modeling  the profession came to her, as she likes to take the picture and of course, she is having photogenic face feature too, not a professional model at all it's just that she is camera-friendly, and exploring herself in this influencer zone, for the society in good thoughts, where her choices for fashion empowers the women for being yourself,  that has completely changed her as a person and she evolved herself so much just following up on her passion. which keeps her  in the track and makes her desire to work in this field.

Beauty Tip

"A healthy, positive mind, six to eight hours of sleep, and exercise makes me feel beautiful"

Love for Modeling

She loves modeling because this fashion world has been a queen of feelings. and with her creativity with content at creator21.official and she personally loves clicking pictures of her creating content which get much more appreciated from her followers and friends that always hunt inside herself, and which makes to push her limits more and explore a little more pretty and she feels attracted to it.

Raashi The Influencer of Instagram


"Regular Interaction could turn followers into true friends" Raashi said, for that, she use to conduct the live session, and inform everyone with her the story so each one could connect. and her humbleness defines from that she even reply to their comments too, which are in huge numbers and feels they are much more of like a family than just some random people or a number on her profile and "they've been super supportive in all times and the interaction season is always cool with them" Raashi said.

Her short term goal is to prove herself on the scale of faction, basically to make the most use out of this platform and in the long term run, she wants to help society and which gives a positive influence on other people. And yes, she realizes" it's still miles to go... "

(In Her Words)

How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Since I've already spoken about my transformation and how I evolved as the time passed by on this influencer platforms at first there was nothing in my mind that I want to get progress in this field but suddenly when I started monetizing my social handle it gave me different confidence that I can achieve actually something of my own Raashi Said.

Raashi's  Social Media Engagements

Instagram :- R A A S H I 🌻

Snapchat :- i_rashitiwari82

Soon to be on YouTube

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