Interview with Niki Lalwani

Interview with Nikita Lalwani

Instagram is one of the key platforms for fashion in the industry as users inspire and influence one a marketing insights and data firm. Reason enough for SocialTalk to speak with fashion influencer Nikita Lalwani who has amassed more than 79k followers on Instagram.

A 16 years old girl Nikita Lalwani has created her own space around the world, born on 27 July 2004 belongs to Jodhpur (Rajasthan) Social media is a platform for her to make possible  attaining attention, build her as a brand, increase popularity and she achieve this by publishing engaging content on their social media channels and apart from social media she is good at academics too, she scored 80% in her 10th result( CBSE ).

Today's world is changing rapidly, with social media and giving a platform for new content creator for their talent, there is no age limit for your talent and precisely any type of talent,  you want to showcase.

Most asked questions about Niki Lalwani?

Real name - My real name is Nikita Lalwani but people know me as Niki Lalwani

Who inspired you?

• I'm inspired by Neha Kakkar Di her hard work her passion I'm deeply inspired by that and my best friend, my cousin sister, and my mom dad younger bro is so supportive. 

How would you describe your Journey?

• My journey started from TikTok I started my journey from nothing to now something I started making videos in 2019 my first video was on hook up song of Aliya and Tiger and I got 20-30 likes. and then I kept making videos and when the first time I got 1k likes that brings happiness and surprises to me. I never thought that someday 1k will be so Normal to me... my first viral video was a duet with riyaz Aly I got 1M + views in that. Then my younger brother started making my videos and by the end of 2019, I had 290k + followers...I never thought in one year I'll get this much love by the people. Now coming to Instagram. I started Instagram on 22 march 2020 where I got the same love from people... Whatever I am is because of my family and especially the most credit goes to my younger bro Himansh.

Interview with Nikita Lalwani

Who would you like to collaborate with?

• As a co-actor I would like to collaborate with everybody's fav Mr. Riyaz Aly, Mr. Faisu and much more, Not specific. 

"Social Media has empowered people, interested in fashion, to share ideas and communicate"

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

• sometimes I used to make the same sound 100 times until I get satisfied and earlier I was so shy that I don't talk to anybody and Don't perform in front of anybody.

Where would you like to visit?

• I would like to visit The Maldives it's my favorite destination for vacation and I would love to shift Mumbai permanently that's the goal right now.

Interview with Nikita Lalwani

If you weren't famous, what would you be up to right now

• if I won't be famous then I would be a normal student dreaming of being an engineer or doctor... 

What is one message you would give to your fans?

• A message to my fans - I love you guys so very much... I can't reply to everyone but that doesn't mean I ignore you guys... Your love and support is what I need the most all the time.

What are your current plans?

• my current plan is to focus on my Instagram and gain more and more followers so that It could help me get some music project.

What are your goals and desires?

• my goal is to be a successful actress .... because it's my passion and I love to do acting. we all should follow the voice of our heart and I feel like this is the only work that I can do forever and I'll be happy doing it always.

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