Fashion icon of The Instagram: Smriti

Fashion icon of The Instagram: Smriti

In the fashion world, it is indeed a colorful occasion of Creativity across a platform in style with grit and determination. It all commenced worldwide and now transformed and developed into a fine mixture of Art, fun, fashion, and fanfare.

The fashion extravaganza sees the fashion world making moves at the International level. There were hectic activities going around the world, The photo session is occupying the top spot with models to displaying their costume style in the best way possible to outshine one another.

Smriti is one of the fashion models that emerge as a style icon for youth. For her Fashion is both fun and flighty. You are never mindful of what trends will frame the following fall.

SocialTalk spoke to the rising talent Smriti, about the therapeutic powers of art in modeling, lending her fashion sense to important causes and safeguarding creativity in a highly competitive industry.

How was your journey?

My journey started with my increasing interest in fashion when I stepped into college, Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, Delhi University. I joined ‘Glamfire’- the fashion society of our college. Being a fresher, I started to experiment with my own fashion sense, and that’s when I decided to start my blog in March 2017. I couldn’t be consistent about my work due to multiple reasons, but as time passed by, I just followed my heart and now I have an Instagram family of more than 10,000 people who enjoy and love my work.

Fashion icon of The Instagram: Smriti

What is Your education?

I completed my graduation in BSc(Hons) Computer Science and my post-graduation in Masters of Computer Application(MCA). 

Why do you want to work as a model?

I would rather say, I want to work as a content creator/blogger to share my perspective on creating affordable fashion looks. Being in college, I wanted to buy pretty outfits for every occasion, which I couldn’t afford at times. That ended up with me searching my entire wardrobe, mixing & matching whatever I had to create a new fashionable look. Thus, I want to spread the message of reusability and share affordable items that one must have! 

What are your difficulties and goals in life?

Difficulties are a part of life, and every day is a new challenge. Learning everything on my own, from start to till this date has been wonderful yet a difficult journey. Some of them include: making my parents comfortable about my work, coping up with studies along with creating content, and investing in, even when you have no earned. 

My goals are clear to encourage people towards sustainable and affordable fashion. Hopefully one day, I can start my own brand for the same. 

How much do you want to earn? and What are your salary expectations?

My salary expectations are clearly dependent on the amount of effort, time, and energy that I put into my work. It should be at least enough to be self-independent and make me grow.

What sorts of settings/clothes/brands do you prefer to shoot for, or wear?

I prefer clothes or brands that are comfortable, affordable, suits my skin, and enhances my body type. i.e clothes that show my personality. I tend to stick a lot on street shopping and some affordable brands.

How do you imagine a typical day at work? and How you interact with your fans?

I am someone, who loves creating content, but not everything I shoot makes me wanna post it. Thus, I tend to create content in advance which runs more smoothly when I pre-plan my ideas. So my workday will look like a series of tasks that I want to accomplish that day, and not to forget to have fun at the same time. I interact with my audience on comments, DMs, stories, and sometimes live sessions

Fashion icon of the Instagram: Smriti (StyleWithSmriti)

Do you have any experience with criticism? How do you handle it?

Nothing that ever stopped me from doing that I want to do. Also, when I receive such comments or hear about such statements from someone, I simply ask them not to follow or look at my work if that doesn’t suit them. Earlier, I used to avoid talking about it, thinking about what people might think. But, now I feel that I’m confident enough to face or reply to someone who criticizes my work. 

Her Social media Engagements

Instagram: stylewithsmriti

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