Popular faces on Tik Tok: Purabi

Indian tiktoker

Purabi Bhargava is the most popular faces on Tik Tok  nowadays, she is an Indian tiktoker by profession and  with more than 3.5 million followers, among some of the most popular stars, and she contributed over 1700 videos on the online tik tok account. and a popular Tik Tok personality from India, Her fabulous acting and magical dance videos with lipsync on mucic the video has scored millions till date and has won several hearts of her fans. intentionally she got fame through posting romantic, funny, and musical videos on the known Tik Tok app. but now she becomes a sensation for a huge number of followers on her Instagram who loves her fashion sense and videos.

Tiktok: @_bpurabi
youtube: Purabi Bhargava

Who is Purabi Bhargava

A 22 Years Old girl, who born on 13 March 1998 and belongs to Indore city Madhya Pradesh become a famous personality with her hard work and passion, at her small age, only she determines her passion and dream and her desirers took her to the tik tok platform, where she recognized as a talent.

Purabi is a professional actor, who has also worked with several brands and can be seen in various advertisements. She is a Model and having so many dreams in her eyes one of that she aspires to be a Bollywood actress in the future. you may see her in Modeling portfolio in upcoming years. where she started her journey from the dancing videos, comedy video clips, and performs lip-syncs on TikTok.

Popular faces on Tik Tok: Purabi

She is active on a different social media platform and like tik tok, Instagram, youtube, she posts her photoshoot pictures on her Instagram.

Purabi has earned the favorite badge for being an ace Tik Tok comedian. and now she is a crowned TikTok Muser.

She always adds hummer to her act in videos and makes people laugh, although she is a good actress too, which supports through her sad and effective lines in videos.

she has kindness in her nature and meets her fans time o time through Instagram live and engage with them. the best thing about her is that she treats her fans as friends, which increases love for her, and a simple fan becomes her friend, which shows her presence in social media.

Purabi Bhargava's controversy 

She was in relation with Tushar Silawat,  people liked them as a couple and adore them for their relationships. life doesn't go as we plan always, they breakup, which becomes controversy after their breakup when people teasing her for Tushar, Nobody knows the truth behind be breakup but in her videos, we can sense that it was not her choice, but as she is a strong girl she overcomes with it and moved ahead in her life. now she is with Lakshya Suri, She didn’t announce publically but in her video, we can see it. we hope this time her choice will work and which increases her smiley curve as always.

We hope soon we will see her in mainstream Bollywood.

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