Neha Jethwani: A Tik Tok Star

Neha Jethwani: A Tik Tok Star

Who is Neha Jethwani

Neha Jethwani is a tik tok star and social media influencer, she becomes famous on tik tok app which was tik tok musically previously, she is featured in so many youtube tik tok video, her tik tok account has millions of followers, and her every new tik tok video goes viral.

Neha Jethwani is a sensation who is having huge fan following over different social media platform, she is actively working hard at every platform among all, most at tik tok, She started making her video in Tiktok and it all started from a first video, she is getting attention with her act and look, her effort to become a known person of TikTok which leads her to have a huge fan following today, She is having beautiful and amazing pictures at her social media accounts, Please check below.

Neha Jethwani's Followers

TikTok followers: 3.6M Fans
TikTok Handel: @nehajethwani529
Instagram Followers: 337.8k Followers
Instagram Handle: @nehajethwani529

Neha Jethwani with a golden heart

 A 19-year-old girl having so many dreams in her eyes and a very kind-hearted girl,  and because she uses to interact with her fans time to time to give thank you to her fans base through Instagram Live, and Best the thing about this is, she addresses her fans as Friends not as fans, which shows her inner beauty, people like her video and her acts which we can imagine with her fan pages, which is a long list.

Neha Jethwani: A Tik Tok Star

About Neha Jethwani

She belongs to a Gujarati family and very supportive, of her choices which she made in her life. she was leaving in Mumbai and now she is in Canada for her higher study and all her fan know this.

Neha uses to interact with her fans mostly but when she didn’t, her fans start DM her and to know that she is ok. This she said in one of her live that she got so many DM from her fans. Most of her fans are found of her hair and look, In one of her live session, she revealed that she is having natural hairs and don’t do too much effort for it, on other hand other she like different color eye lens and she is having a set of it, and an eyebrow cut which makes her different and stunning in all celebrity. but overall she is a girl with a golden heart who cares for her fans, she uses to go to her fan pages and like their work, which is very uncommon in celebrities.

About Her Fans

She uses to get so many sketches of her and she uses to share with all others, on her Instagram, and her fans love for her comes so pure that they will act like her and send post to her which she features in her Instagram stories with her lovely comments and this will give an idea that her fans are not just followers they just love her like a true friend. 

Maybe we can see her as doing influencer marketing with the tik tok online platform, nowadays tik tok is very famous among the Indian population and people use to tik tok lite or tik tok online, also promote it through tik tok video download and share on Instagram. tik tok app video is commercially doing batter in India, people getting famous through tik tok application, you can find English tik tok video and Hindi tik tok video or tik tok ki video same other languages too.

We hope, Soon we will find her in a music video or other the project, right now she is concentrating on her study. If you think you too have talent in you, download tik tok app and start making tik tok video online.

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