Dance is my Life: TikToker Smita

Dance is my life: Smita

Who is Smita

Smita is a dancer, choreographer, model, and actor and tik tok star who belongs to Chhattisgarh and born on 9th May. loves dance and modeling. She believes in learning by doing. So she herself learn and try to create her own signature style. and stand out differently with her own personality also known as Simmi.


A small-town girl Smita, having so many dreams in her eye and trying to make her own position in the dance and modeling world. she performed on so many local stages that are appreciated by the public.

She started dance at her very early age and improving herself day by day, to showcase her talent she started making videos on tik tok, She likes to do modeling, dancing, and acting. you can see that all three in her online tik tok videos, other than this she is active on Instagram too, where she posts her videos and pictures which indicate her passion for modeling also.

Dance is her identity in the dance world, and she doesn’t want to adopt it, infect she is creating her own style which leads her to stand out from all others.

Dance is my life: Smita


Smits participated in so many competitions and scored a position in that, she took part in Bharat Sanskriti Utsav and scored 1st position in that, she is an athlete too and participated in national athletics and achieved medals, she is a player of sprint runner and hurdle race. where she proved herself at the national level.


Her ultimate goal is to represent India through her talent, and prove herself as a self-made personality. her dream is to participate in the miss India contest for modeling  and for dance wan to perform at the national level stage and showcase her signature style, still she is in the race and working on the project of creating her own style.

She believes in herself and a hard-working girl, but here the family wants to bend more towards her education and wants to see her in the job in good position, but she is a free bird who is having the talent to show emotion and a different form to convey her feeling and tack stand for others with her dance. She doesn’t blame her parents not to be supportive that much. because it's obvious for an Indian parent from any child, so she chooses to be a creative and chasing her dream.

At a certain point in life, she was standing t the point of two path dividers, and she has to choose her creativity or her further educational career, in her mind. and she prefers more to her talent.

Dance is my life: Smita

Fans and Support

"before expecting help from someone, first you have to help yourself," she said. She believes first she has to prove in her talent and then people will come and support her As they always did. but she has to prove herself first.

Her life is surrounded by dance and modeling. We, aspect people, support her talent and let give her a chance to put her talent and see hove she wonder all of us. She believes that her fans, whom she addressed as Friends, will support, and with their moral support, she could achieve her goals.

Her Social Media engagement.

TikTok: simmi_dancelover
Instagram: simmi_dancelover

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