Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

Emerging Face in Modeling

Arpita Paul a free Freelance model and professional actor, who belongs to Kolkata, born on 21 October, who worked for several brands.

Tollywood walk Shoot for Anjali jewelers
Groovyfox Shoot for Anjali jewelers.
Today's Shoot for Anjali Jewelers
Professional Dancer
Babai Shoot for Garments Saree showroom
SBI Calendar

                                 Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

She is a big name in Kolkata, where she used to endorse local brands and scoring her popularity. As per Arpita, it all started from a contest where she participated to try her luck in modeling, in the year 2019 

she took part in Kolkata, miss style icon 2019, and she proved herself an achieved title of miss style icon 2019. this was the turning moment for her says Arpita.

Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

Arpita started her career as a model after her study and pursue her dream who tack her to  become model and with her beauty of face and style she did well in that, after that her journey took her to do Freelance modeling for so many brands including SBI calendar and  she always wanted to do acting in her life, and achieved that.

Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

After this Arpita started freelancing modeling for local groups and brands, She started unfolding her look in different looks, from saree look, fashion modeling, traditional look, bridal look, which leads her face score part in local print media. She worked hard to see herself in a top position in this profession. and slightly she is achieving it.

Now, she is working on some projects for local groups and make noticeable herself in there, now she wants to try her luck in mainstream industry, although she is currently working with some project and waiting for the perfect one, and in the meantime, she keeps busy herself in the photoshoot for different local brands.

Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling                                   Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

If we go through her life, she is very kind-hearted and cool girl. She belongs to a middle-class family, who always supported her for her ambition, she works hard for every single project and achieving her milestones. She uses the Tik Tok platform also, she uses her online tic tok video to promote her content and engage with her fans.

Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

Her TikTok content is largely comedic and lipsync of dialogs and about her life as a normal teen girl living in Kolkata. In addition to having a large TikTok following, she’s established a presence on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. you’ll find many a dance TikTok on her profile.

Soon we can see her in the mainstream.

Her tik tok ID: @Sohanilive
Twitter ID: @ArpitaP82069194

Arpita, An Emerging Face in Modeling

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