Why is tiktokdown trending on Twitter

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Why is "#tiktokdown" trending on Twitter?
#tiktokbanindia is being trended because of it's content which is highly inhuman in socity.
This is just because of a person name called Faizal Siddiqui (So-called celebrity of TikTok too or influencer) who promoted acid attack in one of the acts, which got viral and reached the Rekha Sharma (Chairperson of NCW India).
Why is "#tiktokdown" trending on Twitter?
she took action against it and wrote a letter to TikTok India and to the police of Maharashtra, to remove this video and block the person ID, which was followed by millions of people. she also appeal to ban TikTok, where people supported it. Even it supported by celebrities too.
Why is "#tiktokdown" trending on Twitter?
After all of this Madam Rekha Sharma Tweeted about the ban of account and video too.
Why is "#tiktokdown" trending on Twitter?
Thank you so much for this action taken by you madam, You did as a responsible person, this teaches us we should be responsible if any thin come across to us we should report make aware to some responsible person.
People who is curies to watch video can follow this link.
Respect women, they are half of the world, we are nothing without them.

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